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Waterbury Revolutionary War Veterans

In an effort to share details about those from the Greater Waterbury region who served in the Revolutionary War, we turned to the first published history of Waterbury. In his 1858 record, Henry Bronson dedicates 40 pages (Chapter XXI, starting on pages 329-369) to this conflict and the role of those from the young town.

His pages contain the following entry, "I give below a list of such names as I have obtained of those persons from Waterbury who were engaged in the war of the Revolution. The list is very incomplete."

 Ethan Andruss Samuel Dayton Truman Porter
 Timothy Andruss Nathaniel Edwards Lieut. Pendelton
 John Ames Elisha Frost Daniel Pendleton
 Samuel Ames Aaron Fenn Jared Prichard
 Sylvanus Adams Capt. Thomas Fenn George Prichard
 Luke Adams Ens. Benjamin Fenn George Prichard, Jr.
 James Adams Cephas Ford Amasa Preseon
 Daniel Allen Joseph Freedom Jonathan Pardee
 Josiah Atkins John Fallendon Luke Potter
 Solomon Alcock Lieut. John Fulford Munson Pond
 Samuel Alcock James Fulford Ward Peck
 John B. Alcock Israel Frisbie Augustus Peck
 Lieut. Aaron Benedict David Foot Eliel Parker
 Obed Blakeslee Moses Foot Elijah Parker
 Enos Blakeslee Bronson Foot Aaron Parker
 John Blakeslee Benjamin Gaylord Capt. Benjamin Richards
 Amasa Blakeslee Jonathan Gaylord Mark Richards
 Joel Blakeslee Southmayd Garnsey Joel Roberts
 Benjamin Bates Jonathan Garnsey Capt. Neheminh Rice
 Col. Jonathan Baldwin Capt. Joseph Garnsey Elijah Steele
 Ens. Theophilus Baldwin Paul Griggs John Stoddard
 Abel Baldwin Simeon Graves John Smith
 Benjamin Baldwin James Grannis Isaac Smith
 Elihu Benham Gideon Hickox Levi Smith
 Stephen Bristor Elisha Hickox Allen Smith
 William Basset William Hickox, Jr. Samuel Smith
 Lieut. Ira Beebe Capt. James Hickox Lue Smith
 Aner Bradley Abraham Hotchkiss Maj. David Smith
 John Beach Truman Hotchkiss John Saxton
 Thaddeus Beach Ebenezer Hotchkiss Samuel Strickland
 Clark Baird Jesse Hotchkiss Ezekiel Scott
 Benjamin Barnes Capt. Gideon Hotchkiss Uri Scott
 Daniel Barnes Timothy Humaston Serg. Stephen Scott
 Capt. Nathaniel Barnes Jared Humaston Ansel Spencer
 Thaddeus Barnes, Jr. Lemuel Hopkins Elizha Spencer
 Capt. Isaac Bronson Hollingsworth Hine Asa Sawyer
 Dr. Isaac Bronson Benjamin Hine Nathan Seward
 Lieut. Michael Bronson Hezekiah Hine Stephen Scovill
 Titus Bronson Reuben Hine Timothy Scovill
 Roswell Bronson Nathaniel Hall Ezekiel Sanford
 Asahel Bronson James Hull Stephen Seymour
 Joseph Bronson Culpepper Hoadley William Southmayd
 Daniel Bronson Philo Hoadley Ezekiel Tuttle
 Eliel Barker Ebenezer Hoadley Jabez Tuttle
 Isaac Barker William Hoadley Timothy Tuttle
 Giles Brocket Jude Hoadley Ens. Timothy Tuttle
 Ebenezer Brown Lazarus Ives Hezekiah Tuttle
 Thomas Cole Elnathan Ives Asa Thayer
 John Cole Dennis Judd Capt. Josiah Terrell
 Thomas Chilman Samuel Judd Ichabod Terrell
 Timothy Cook Daniel Judd Joel Terrell
 Joel Cook Freeman Judd Jared Terrell
 Samuel Cook Chandler Judd Thomas Terrell
 William Cook Stephen Judd Israel Terrell
 Selah Cook Brewster Judd Isaac Terrell
 Bethel Camp Samuel Kimball Elihu Terrell
 Lieut. Samuel Camp Capt. John Lewis, Jr. William Turner
 Samuel Camp, Jr. Serg. Samuel Lewis Ezekiel Upson
 Eli Curtis Joseph Lewis Benjamin Upson
 Stephen Curtis David Lewis Stephen Upson
 Samuel Curtis Joel Lines Benjamin Wooster
 Capt. Jesse Curtis Richard Lawrence Edward Warren
 Capt. Jotham Curtis Charles Merriman Samuel Welton
 Zadoc Curtis Thomas Merchant James Welton
 Israel Calkins Elisha Munson Stephen Welton, Jr.
 Roswel Calkins Nathaniel Morris Job Welton
 Richard Clark Levi Marks Increase Wade
 Capt. Phineas Castle Pilip Martin Samuel Woodruff
 Asahel Chittenten Samuel Mix Lambert Woodruff
 Amos Culver Titus Mix Wdward Woodruff
 Cuff Capenny Capt. Stephen Matthews Capt. John Woodruff
 Lieut. Thomas Dutton Jonah Mallory Abel Woodward
 Lieut. Titus Dutton Joseph Mun Thomas Warden
 Stephen Davis Timon Miles Bartholomew Williams
 Jonathan Davis Joseph Minor Obadiah Williams
 Miles Dunbar Abijah Osborn Philemon Wilcox
 Amos Dunbar Joshua Osborn Stephen Warner
 Joel Dunbar Isaac Osborn Justus Warner
 Isaac Dayton Maj. Phineas Porter .

Waterbury Revolutionary War
Note: Every effort was made to reproduce this list as accurately as possible. We are still seeking additional source material that will enable us to present a more complete record of Revolutionary War Veterans, but until then - this record from Henry Bronson's The History of Waterbury, Connecticut will serve our purpose.

If you have additional details about Waterbury Revolutionary War Veterans, please contact us so we can share the information via this site.

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